Seminar: Understanding Support Services

A panel of educators and administrators will:

* provide an overview of SRBI, 504 and special education services

* outline roles and responsibilities of school team and administrators

* explain assessment tools, including AIMSWEB

* describe social/emotional student support

November 16, 9:30am to 10:30am, Middlesex Middle School Library Media Center

Co-sponsored by MPA, DPS and SEPAC RSVP:


-MMS SRBI Specialists: Michelle Pagliaro and Dan Kensek

-MMS School Psychologist: Laurel Crowther

-MMS School Counselor: Marc Power

-MMS Special Education Department Chair: Mary Scalise

-MMS Teachers: Lindsay Wrinn and Deb Westerback

-MMS Administrators: Shelley Somers (principal), Andrew Byrne and Garan Mullin (assistant principals)

-Program Director for Special Education at the Secondary Level: Scott McCarthy

-Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction: Susie Da Silva

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