About the PTO

About Our Community

On behalf of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) welcome to the Holmes School Family! We look forward to another great year together.

Our main objective is to provide parents with the opportunity to connect with Holmes faculty while building a warm, inclusive and strong school community. We accomplish this in many ways including:

  • Information
  • Fundraising
  • Family Activities
  • Staff and Faculty Encouragement

We accomplish this in many ways including:

The Holmes PTO is a conduit for information between the school
administration and the parents. We are generally knowledgeable about what is happening within Holmes and within the district at large.
The Holmes PTO does not determine or enforce school policies, but we are here to connect you with the appropriate people should you have questions or concerns.

The Holmes-to-Home newsletter (H2H) is emailed Wednesday and it contains an abundance of information including messages from the principal, school events, PTO meetings, district information and community happenings.

We host several PTO meetings throughout the year covering topics of interest to parents. Please look for meeting dates and times in the H2H.

Fundraising plays a significant role within the Holmes PTO and supports in-school enrichment programs such as visiting authors, musicians and field trips. Please consider supporting our various fundraising efforts.

The Holmes PTO organizes events throughout the year to engage both parents and students, including the always-popular Back-to-School Picnic and Bingo Nights.

The Holmes PTO supports and encourages our Holmes School Staff by fulfilling teacher wish lists, providing funds for classroom materials, and organizing appreciation luncheons.

The Holmes Community is a special community made up of administrators, faculty, staff, students and of course, parents. Involvement in the school, big or small, matters. In most cases, your child will be at Holmes School longer than any other school in Darien. Join us!

Should you have questions or concerns throughout the year, please give us a call or send us an email. Our “door” is always open.


The purpose of parent involvement in PTOs is to help children do better in school. According to PTO Today, when parents are involved in a child’s education, both at home and at school, children do better academically. This includes higher grades and test scores, better attendance, better social skills, fewer behavior problems, and a tendency to graduate and continue their education.


PTO groups often struggle to get active and consistent parent involvement. Barriers to involvement can include when parents don’t feel welcome at school, don’t feel they have time, don’t speak English or when they are they are not traditional parents (such as foster parents or grandparents).


PTOs that are successful address the fears of parents and caregivers and encourage participation by allowing parents to participate as much or as little as they wish.