Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


The Holmes PTO is dedicated to promoting the values of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within our community. These are core values of a Darien public education that have been stated clearly in the DPS strategic plan and as a community we are responsible for finding ways to uphold and pursue these values.

We must find ways to demonstrate our values in the pursuit of achieving the DPS vision of preparing ALL students to thrive in a changing world.

To this end, we have recently formed a DEI Committee within the Holmes PTO, and we have set our initial goals for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year:

  1. Demonstrate a commitment by our PTO that all families are valued
  2. Provide an avenue for the parent community to engage with our school administration, collaborate across DPS elementary schools, and create a voice for Holmes families on topics of DEI that is reflective of our community
  3. Create a supportive environment and safe spaces for parents to share and learn from one another as we each pursue our own journey in educating ourselves and our children in what it takes to be anti-racist and create an inclusive community
  4. Share resources for parents


We recognize as well that:

  1. Talking about race and anti-racism is hard and requires vulnerability
  2. Any level of engagement is good and welcome; each family will come at this topic from different perspectives and we respect that this journey is very personal
  3. Mutual respect is the foundation of everything we do together

Aparna Sahgal is the inaugural Chair of this new Committee. All members of the Holmes community are encouraged and welcome to join us. Please reach out at info@holmespto.com if you want to join our efforts. The required time commitment is not high, but by volunteering you will connect with other families passionate about this topic and have a say in shaping how we approach DEI in our community.
We look forward to going on this journey with you.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee and The Holmes PTO Executive Board


“Conversations about racism and discrimination will look different for each family. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, the science is clear: the earlier parents start the conversation with their children the better.” – UNICEF – 

We are pleased to share below links to a variety of articles, books, and other resources to help you navigate this journey. Here is a list of steps compiled by Common Sense Media of things we can all do in our homes:

  • Diversify your bookshelf
  • Point out racism in movies, TV and games
  • Watch hard stuff
  • Seek out media created by people of color
  • Broaden your own perspectives
  • Discuss hate speech and harassment online
  • Understand the online landscape
  • Explore the power of tech tools
  • Build news literacy
  • Teach your kid to be an ally

Articles we have hand selected for our Holmes Community: