From the Principal

Dear Parents,
We are excited to share that beginning after our February break, there will be a new and improved main entrance at Holmes School! This new entrance will be through the double doors located in the middle of the main building, adjacent to the main office. Work will be done over February Break to update and prepare the new entrance. Our hope is that this work will be completed in time for our return on Monday, February 25th.
This change is taking place in response to the need for our school to have a “double entry” entryway (i.e. two sets of doors to pass through in order to enter the school). This “double entry” will allow us to better monitor visitors who come to our school. The Welcome Desk will be moved into our new vestibule, which will be located just inside the main entrance and right next to our main office. Visitors will no longer need to walk through the school in order to get to the main office. We believe this change will enhance the safety of our school community during school hours.
Once the new entrance is operational, the old entrance by the Common Room will remain locked throughout the day.  The buzzer used to request entrance will be by the new doors. For safety reasons, we will no longer be unlocking the old entryway for people coming to our school.  However, there will be a handicapped entrance at the doors by the Common Room for students or visitors with physical disabilities.
For everyone’s safety, we would like to remind parents and students that the doors by the Common Room, as well as all other doors throughout the building, should remain closed and locked throughout the school day. In addition, we ask that parents and students refrain from opening doors for visitors and that all parents and people coming to Holmes be directed to the main entrance where they can be buzzed in, sign in, and share their reason for visiting with either the Welcome Desk attendant or the main office staff.
Dismissal procedures will not change. Students who are picked up or who walk home will still be dismissed through the doors by the Common Room.
We truly appreciate the support of the community as we make this transition to a safer entryway for our school.  Thank you!
With warm regards,
Paula Bleakley

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