PTO Job Descriptions


Two Co-Chairs of the PTO. Each Co-Chair will serve for a two-year term, with terms being staggered annually to provide continuity of leadership.

Responsible for presiding at Executive Board meetings and general PTO meetings, establishing the calendar of, and organizing such meetings.

Communicate to parents and teachers on any appropriate matters through the use of the school newsletter, flyers, e-mail and PTO meetings.

Sit on the Appropriations committee, and it is their responsibility to work with the Principal to establish teacher and school-related budgetary needs.

Responsible for getting the budget approved at the first PTO meeting of each school year.

Serve as representatives of Holmes School on the Council of Darien School Parents (CDSP).

Attend Board of Education meetings, its committees and public hearings for the information of the school population, the responsibility of which will be shared by the vice chairs so that Holmes has consistent representation. In the event Co-chairs and vicechairs can’t attend they must establish a rotation schedule among other Holmes PTO Executive Board members.

Participate with other CDSP members and the CDSP Budget Representatives to contribute to speeches for the public hearings of the Board of Education and the Board of Finance on the following year’s school budget.

Oversee all other PTO committees as needed.

Work with other community agencies on an as needed basis and are to be kept informed about pertinent town and state issues and to apprise the PTO of all Holmes School related matters. It is helpful to have served on the Executive Board for at least one year prior to becoming Co-Chair.

Co-Chairs are advised by the Administration and oversee the Vice Chairs in their responsibilities during emergency dismissal procedures.

Time Commitment

A weekly commitment of time throughout the school year including some weeks during the summer. Monthly meeting commitments are PTO, Executive Board, CDSP and Board of Education (2 regular evening meetings per month as well as additional meetings during budget time and other issue specific circumstances.)