Holmes Kids Care – Earth Week Project

Every Drop Counts!
For our final Kids Care project this school year, we will be learning about water conservation and the “Every Drop Counts” initiative that was led by the Darien Environmental Group and the Garden Club of Darien this past year. Our goal is to focus on the importance of water conservation for our environment, and for all of the living things that rely on this precious resource to live.  

We will have two projects that students can sign up for this April. The first is an art project in which the students can learn about the importance of water conservation and then decorate a picture in the shape of a water droplet. These creations will be displayed at school in celebration of Earth Week! The second is a planting project in which students will pick up materials donated by the DEG and the Garden Club of Darien, and will plant a succulent, a perfect plant tied to water conservation. For directions on both projects and to learn more about how students can participate from home, please visit the Sign Up Genius below. As a reminder, all students are welcome to participate in Kids Care projects!  

Kids Care Water Droplet
Kids Care Planting Project

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