October 2015

Dear Parents,

Get ready – Fall “4” Math starts Monday, October 5th!  This program, co-sponsored by DAEG and Darien elementary schools, encourages students to see how fun math can be by playing math games at home with their parents, siblings & friends every day for two weeks: October 5- October 18.These games focus on developing logical thinking, spatial reasoning, critical problem solving & math fact skills. Just follow these easy steps:

Today:  Set aside dice, a deck of cards and some coins in a “Math Box” so you are ready to go on October 5th.

10/5/15:  Have fun while playing the games!

* Go to the Fall”4”Math website http://old.darienps.org/mathmadness/ for grade appropriate links and games developed by the district, or choose from the list of board games, which have more math in them than you think! Plus, DreamBox and Investigations beyond homework can also be applied.

* Have your child record time and games played each day in the Play Log (check backpack or download from the Fall “4” Math website).

Tuesday 10/13: Have your child return the week 1 Play log to school

Monday, 10/19: Have your child return the week 2 Play log to school

DAEG will collect the Play Logs and tally the results each week. At the end of the two-week play period, the class in each grade at your school with the highest total percentage of participation will win a prize!

We encourage everyone to get involved and see how much fun math can be!


Christine Bang & Jenny Voelker DAEG co-presidents 2015-2016

About DAEG
Darien Advocates for the Education of the Gifted (DAEG) is a non-profit organization concerned with both education for the gifted and with excellent education for all students in Darien. For more information, please visit http://www.daeg.org