PTO Job Descriptions


There shall be two Co-Chairs of the PTO. Each Co-Chair will serve for a two year term, with terms being staggered annually to provide continuity of leadership.

  • The two Co-Chairs are responsible for presiding at Executive Board meetings and general PTO meetings, establishing the calendar of, and organizing such meetings.
  • Co-Chairs communicate to parents and teachers on any appropriate matters through the use of the school newsletter, flyers, e-mail and PTO meetings.
  • Co-Chairs sit on the Appropriations committee, and it is their responsibility to work with the Principal to establish teacher and school-related budgetary needs.
  • Co-Chairs are responsible for getting the budget approved at the first PTO meeting of each school year.
  • Co-Chairs serve as representatives of Holmes School on the Council of Darien School Parents (CDSP).
  • Co-Chairs are advised by the Administration and oversee the Vice Chairs in their responsibilities during emergency dismissal procedures.
  • Co-Chairs also attend Board of Education meetings, its committees and public hearings for the information of the school population, the responsibility of which will be shared by the vice chairs so that Holmes has consistent representation.
  • Co-Chairs participate with other CDSP members and the CDSP Budget Representatives to contribute to speeches for the public hearings of the Board of Education and the Board of Finance on the following year’s school budget.
  • Co-Chairs oversee all other PTO committees as needed.
  • Co-Chairs work with other community agencies on an as needed basis and are to be kept informed about pertinent town and state issues and to apprise the PTO of all Holmes School related matters. It is helpful to have served on the Executive Board for at least one year prior to becoming Co-Chair.

Time Commitment: A weekly commitment of time throughout the school year including some weeks during the summer. Monthly meeting commitments are PTO, Executive Board, CDSP and Board of Education (2 regular evening meetings per month as well as additional meetings during budget time and other issue specific circumstances.)



There shall be two Vice Chairs of the PTO. Ideally each Vice Chair will serve for a two-year term, with terms being staggered annually to provide continuity.

  • The Vice Chairs are required to attend PTO and Executive Board Meetings and to preside over such meetings in the absence of the Co-Chairs (as well as support the Co-Chairs in any way needed throughout the year);
  • The Vice Chairs are responsible for soliciting room parents for each class and organizing a room parent coffee during the first weeks of school to go over policy and procedures – i.e. gift giving and the emergency dismissal policy and its procedures;
  • The most important responsibility of the Vice Chair is the creation and maintenance of each class & master emergency list;
  • The Vice Chairs are responsible for contacting the room parents for any school needs such as special meetings, emergency closings or special events that need to be communicated to each family;
  • The Vice Chairs are responsible for end-of-year PTO gifts, as well as end-of-year gifts to the staff including specials teachers (music, strings, band, art, etc.)
  • The Vice-Chairs are also responsible for attending selected meetings of the Board of Education, as requested by the Co-Chairs, its committees and public hearings so that Holmes has consistent representation.

Time Commitment: Prior to the opening of school in August the Vice-Chairs organize the room parents. In the early fall they must organize the emergency phone lists. In the event of an early school closing, Vice Chairs must be available to oversee emergency dismissal procedures. This position is on the Executive Board and must attend both PTO meetings and executive board meetings. Other obligations are fulfilled throughout the year but are much less time intensive.



This two-person committee splits the position, whereby one volunteer is responsible for accounts payable, and the other is responsible for accounts receivable. Ideally each treasurer will serve for a two-year term, with terms being staggered annually to provide continuity. All monies brought in or spent by the PTO are monitored by the treasurers.

  • Co-Treasurers are also responsible for producing a monthly budget report for publication. In addition, they work with, and are a member of, the Appropriations Committee, which sets up the budget for each new school year.
  • The Co-Treasurers must attend all PTO, Executive Board and Appropriations meetings, receive and pay out all funds, as provided for in the PTO budget, for financing PTO sponsored activities during the fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30.
  • In January, the Co-Treasurers must prepare a yearly accounting of the prior school year for submission to the CDSP for tax purposes.

Time Commitment: These positions are active throughout the school year. This position is on Executive Board and the Appropriations Committee and must attend both PTO meetings and Executive Board meetings. Time is needed to produce a monthly accounting and annual CDSP tax return as well as depositing checks from various events and fundraising activities and dispersing checks to various vendors, enrichment programs, etc. 



This two-person committee is responsible for the recording and distribution of all minutes for all Executive Board, PTO and other special meetings. Ideally each secretary will serve for a two-year term, with terms being staggered annually to provide continuity.

  • General PTO meeting minutes are to be posted on the PTO bulletin board, in the office, in the PTO binder and posted on the Holmes School website approximately one week after the meeting.
  • The secretaries are also responsible for the day-to-day PTO issues including: publicizing all Executive Board and PTO meetings for the school and any other correspondence deemed necessary.

Time Commitment: This position is active throughout the school year. This position is on the Executive Board and attendance is required at all PTO and Executive Board meetings.



  • This three person committee is responsible for designing and implementing all fundraising activities throughout the school year. These activities include, and are not limited to, the Direct Appeal, Walkathon, Amazon/Stop and Shop/Target/Shutterfly online fundraisers as well as one larger parent-only event each year (including a silent auction every other year).
  • The Fundraising chairs also oversee the book fair, wrapping paper sales and Box Top collections, although these events have their own chairs.

Time commitment: Varies throughout the year. The fall is intensive can be at least five to ten hours per week. Fundraising is limited in winter and spring and can be zero hours per week. Fundraising chairs sit on the Executive Board and should attend the Board’s monthly meeting throughout the school year.



  • Develop and maintain the flower beds and pots by the front entrance to the school
  • Maintain the entry door area, including seasonal decorations on the door and decorations within the foyer
  • Maintain the lost and found area—including organization, announcements, and bringing any leftover items to Person to Person
  • Decorate front entrance PTO bulletin boards with seasonal items and PTO events and announcements

Time Commitment: Moderate when seasons change, minimal to none at other times

Good for gardeners and creative people

Number of volunteers needed: 3



  • Organize and execute Holmes’ annual book fair.
  • Work with the school librarian to order books, staff for the fair and set up and break down the fair, including the Family Night
  • Account for all monies spent and collected to the co-treasurers after each event

Time Commitment: Three to four hours per week the three weeks prior to the Fair. The week of the book fair is time consuming and intensive. Committee members are encouraged to work on this committee for 3 consecutive years.

Good for people who want to organize one event and have an interest in books

Number of volunteers needed: 7



  • Advertise The Box Tops for Education program and remind our families to clip the coupons
  • Increase submission through monthly classroom contests or other means
  • Count, clip, and sort all collected Box Tops for the two submission deadlines: one in the fall, and one in the late winter.

Time Commitment: Minimal with the exception of the week prior to the collections when you need to count the Box Tops.

Good for someone who would prefer to volunteer at home

Number of volunteers needed: 2-3 (good to work with a friend)



  • The CDSP serves as liaison between all seven Darien schools and the District Administration. During budget season, CDSP works the CDSP budget representatives to prepare comments for various public hearings.
  • Mandatory attendance at Board of Education Meetings, held bi-weekly in January and February, the Board of Education Public Hearing in February and at the Board of Finance public hearing in March
  • Meet with Principal to determine priority budget issues and concerns for Holmes School
  • Meet as a collective group (all seven schools CDSP budget reps and co-chairs) to discuss issues and write speeches.
  • Coordinate budget related eblasts, get information to Holmes Parents regarding issues that impact their children’s education, and communicate CDSP related information.
  • Analyze the impact of the budget and budget cuts on Holmes as well as be willing to speak at the Public Hearings on behalf of the school.

Time Commitment: *Moderate to intensive during January and February, moderate at other times

Good for someone who is numbers savvy and interested in local government

Number of volunteers needed: 2



  • Put the Holmes School Directory together: this includes listing each student by class with their address, phone number, and E-mail address; alphabetical listing in the back of the directory; and updating general information included each year
  • Solicit orders for the directory and distributes them at Open House in September
  • Take faculty photos (generally at the back to school luncheon).

Time Commitment: Intensive but only in the months of August and September. No time for the rest of the year.

Good for people with good computer, editing, and organizing skills

Number of volunteers needed: 4



  • Research and arrange high quality programs that enhance the school curriculum to provide an enriching experience for students. Enrichment activities take place during the school day and reinforce the curriculum.
  • Work with principal and teachers to determine enrichment opportunities.
  • Schedule all activities, act as liaison with programs, attend all events, manage evaluation of programs and arranges payment to the programs/performers.
  • Attend PTO meetings and town-wide school enrichment meetings for sharing of ideas
  • Active throughout the year; long-range planning is essential. Enrichment chair serves on Executive Board

Time Commitment: Moderate to minimal, depending on what is needed

Good for former teachers and those who are interested in the school’s curriculum

Number of volunteers needed: 2 chairs and ideally one representative from each grade



  • Work with the Darien Environmental Group (DEG) to create short, grade appropriate in-class presentations to raise Holmes students’ awareness of the environment and the importance of recycling
  • Work with the Principal to coordinate program content and delivery in the classroom
  • Coordinate school-wide recycling program—this entails ensuring that classroom recycling bins are disposed of in the proper dumpsters and that each classroom is following the recycling guidelines

Time Commitment: Moderate when planning program content, minimal at all other times.

Good for someone who has interest in recycling and educating children about it

Number of volunteers needed: 2



  • Plan and execute several family activities throughout the year, i.e. Back to School Picnic, Bingo Night
  • Discuss plans for all activities with the Executive Board and Principal.
  • Maintain budget of each event
  • Staff each event

Time Commitment: Moderate to intensive when planning events and day of event, minimal at other times

Good for those interested in planning events

Number of volunteers needed: 5



  • Organize the family photo day fundraiser, which usually takes place in October.
  • Secure a professional photographer, notify Holmes families about the event, schedule each family’s portrait session and follow up on photo orders and delivery.

Time Commitment: Moderate when planning for the event, intensive the weekend of the photos.

Good for someone with limited amount of time and good organizational skills

Number of volunteers needed: 1-2



  • Plan and host 5th grade picnic and slide show at end of year
  • Plan and execute fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for the picnic
  • Room moms will plan and assist with certain events throughout the year
  • Work with Administration to choose an appropriate school gift on behalf of the graduating class

Time Commitment: Varies throughout the year, ranging from minimal to intensive

Good for current 5th grade parents

Number of volunteers needed: 2 chairs, 5 others



  • The Holmes-to-Home is a weekly electronic newsletter that includes school news as well as community news that would be of interest to Holmes parents (i.e., sports information, town wide events, etc.). Computer and e-mail access (including server capability to send mass e-mails), and time to frequently check e-mails are needed for this job.
  • Receive email announcements and collect information from sources within the Holmes Community as well as information picked up from other schools’ websites to put together the weekly newsletter
  • Check email daily for other announcements that need to be sent out as separate email blasts
  • Weekly eblast currently sent on Wednesday
  • Manage email database

Time Commitment: Consistent, weekly work

Good for someone who is computer savvy and has good organizational and editing skills

Number of volunteers needed: 3



  • Kids Care Club is a national program designed to develop compassion and the spirit of service and philanthropy in elementary and middle school aged youth to that end, Holmes School Kids Care Club provides young people with hands-on opportunities to help others in their local and global communities.
  • Plans four to five after school philanthropic events to be held throughout the school year.
  • Coordinates with philanthropic organizations to schedule events and speakers, create flyers for student backpacks and other publicity as needed, and event execution.

Time Commitment: Moderate when planning activities, minimal at other times

Good for those interested in public service

Number of volunteers needed: 5-6



  • Coordinate bi-weekly playground playdates for incoming K students during the summer prior to enrollment at Holmes
  • Attend Kindergarten Orientations in April to introduce yourself and offer to answer any questions throughout the spring and summer
  • Email all new K parents periodically with pertinent information (soccer registration, H2H links, etc)
  • Solicit volunteers to help Kindergarten students become comfortable in the cafeteria for the first two weeks of the school year.

Time Commitment: Minimal, but should be able to attend K orientations, and summer playdates.

Good for veteran Holmes parents with a K student interested in helping new parents.

Number of volunteers needed: 1 or 2



  • Requires meeting with librarian to set up schedules, then recruiting volunteers through parent sign up sheets distributed at back to school coffees, open house, and if needed, by backpack
  • Print and distribute schedule to all volunteers and librarian; update as needed throughout the year
  • Coordinate and work with the school library
  • May also require emailing room moms or parents to fill specific grade level shifts

Time Commitment: Moderate for the first six weeks of the school year; follow up throughout the year

Good for those who would prefer to volunteer at home

Number of volunteers needed: 1



  • Reach out to teachers to find out whether they will type their own pieces or request parent volunteers  (January)
  • Recruit parent volunteers for teachers who request them (February)
  • Communicate typist meeting dates to volunteers and provide information to coordinating teachers  (March)
  • Distribute order forms (May)
  • Collect order forms and submit payment to treasurers (May)
  • Label and distribute books to students (June)

Time Commitment: Moderate with the most time taking place in March

Number of volunteers needed: 1-2



  • Maintain lost and found items.
  • Contact parents of any found items and ensure that they are available for parents at conference weeks and programs.
  • Coordinate bi-yearly donation of unclaimed items to Person to Person.

Time Commitment: Minimal

Number of volunteers needed: 1



  • Act as a school representative to Darien Music for Youth, which provides cultural programs to the elementary and middle school throughout the school year.
  • Inform the school and acting as liaison of all fund raising programs (Back to School Coffees in September)
  • Coordinate all music programs during the year (usually 3 separate programs),
  • Handle any requirements by the performers at our school (i.e. tables, microphones, etc),
  • Support the publicity committee in getting media coverage of all events

Time Commitment: Moderate when planning events, minimal at other times

Good for those interested in event planning and music

Number of volunteers needed: 1



  • Solicit parents to fill all the PTO slate positions for the following year and to fill any vacancies that might occur during the year
  • Ensure that candidates understand the position they will be taking and its requirements.
  • Present slate for general PTO approval at the first PTO meeting of the school year.

Time Commitment: Moderate in February through April, minimal at all other times

Good for parents with older children who know many Holmes families

Number of volunteers needed: 5-6



  • Participate in the merchandising of Holmes School memorabilia and clothing
  • Work with vendors, speak to the Executive Board about their ideas for merchandise and orders a supply of merchandise or has parents pre-order.
  • Sell merchandise during Open House and other school-wide activities

Time Commitment: Varies. Minimal to moderate. Good for those interested in merchandising and retail

Number of volunteers needed: 2



  • The YWCA Parent Awareness Network is a family focused program that provides support and education to parents and children in order to encourage the healthy, positive development of Darien Youth and families.
  • Work with parents from all seven public schools in Darien in addition to a few private schools, the Director of the Youth Task Force & The Depot through YWCA to coordinate free, timely and useful presentations from specific professionals on age-appropriate topics for school parents.
  • Must be able to meet monthly for meetings on Wednesdays (10:30 am – 12:00 pm) to discuss upcoming and past presentations and give ideas for future speakers.
  • Strongly encouraged to attend all Parent Awareness presentations. Two representatives are ideal for this position.

Time Commitment: One meeting and one presentation each month on average (typically none in December or June)

Good for parents with children of any age

Number of volunteers needed: 2



  • Ensure that the Holmes School news, events, and activities are represented in the Darien newspapers by preparing Holmes-related stories and providing photos to the local papers on a weekly basis. Need to be available to cover events during the school day. The photos and articles are due to the newspaper no later than Monday morning, however submission by Friday afternoon ensures better placement in the papers. Articles should be submitted on a weekly basis, or as events require.
  • Maintain the PTO bulletin board
  • Take photos of school programs, enrichment programs, classroom activities, special events, and academic and non-academic activities, including after school programs, music/art/physical education programs, and field trips.
  • Get the names of all students and teachers in the photos and prepare a detailed article on the event/activity.
  • Submit photos to the Holmes School PTO website

Time Commitment: Moderate. Consistent, weekly work

Good for those interested in journalism and publicity

Number of volunteers needed: 3-4



  • Coordinate volunteers to serve the classroom needs of the teacher, attend general PTO meetings
  • Disseminate PTO information to classes via email
  • Serve as the class coordinators for the PTO – room parents will be called upon as needed.
  • Coordinate, and collect money for, the end of the year gifts for classroom teacher and aides
  • Position includes a “co-room parent” to work with you throughout the year.
  • Overseen by Vice-Chair.

Time Commitment: minimal to moderate (mainly on emergency early dismissal days)

Number of volunteers needed: 2 per class



  • The school supply program enables parents to buy school supplies through the PTO in the spring for the following school year.
  • Work with the teachers in late fall to put together a list of supplies for their respective grades while keeping the cost at a minimum.
  • Work with the school supply vendor to get the supplies needed at the lowest cost possible, usually provide list to Vendor in December for discount.
  • Manage K-4 ordering of supplies in the late spring
  • Count supplies on day of delivery and manage any supply errors with teachers and parents

Time Commitment: *Moderate during December, Spring and first two weeks of school

Good for those with great organizational and management skills

Number of volunteers needed: 1



The Darien Special Education Parent Advisory Committee  (SEPAC) is an independent organization of parent volunteers committed to open communication and effective collaboration between the families of our community and the Darien Public Schools.

The SEPAC steering committee, which consists of representatives from each school, meets monthly to discuss district special education practices.  The committee plans public meetings on best practices in areas such as literacy, dyslexia, ADHD, autism, assistive technology and inclusion. Members work with principals and PTO representatives to provide a forum for parent input.

The Darien SEPAC organizational structures are as follows:

  1. General Meeting
    Monthly public meetings open to all parents of students with disabilities, or with suspected disabilities, in Darien.
  2. Steering Committee
    Comprised of two representatives from each school and members from the independent school population. Monthly meetings.  All parents are welcome to attend.  Contact co-chairs or Steering Committee members for meeting time and location.



The role of the PTO SPECIAL EDUCATION REPRESENTATIVE is to support their school community and to be an active member of the CDSP Special Education Subcommittee. To support the school community, the representative will act as a resource to their PTO executive board on issues related to special education, help them examine opportunities for inclusion, and provide support for parents of children with special needs. As a member of the Special Education Subcommittee, the representative will help to identify any district level issues that may need to be escalated to CDSP, administration, and/or the Board of Education as guided by CDSP’s mission statement. Each school should have one or more representatives.


  • Provide monthly input to PTO Chairs regarding ongoing special education issues within the district. Method of providing input to be determined with PTO Chairs. (If written input is provided, copy in Special Education Subcommittee Chairperson.)
    • Evaluate PTO sponsored programming to identify opportunities to improve inclusion of all students.   Work with relevant PTO Committee Chairs to build inclusion/community as directed by PTO Chairs.
    • Work with CDSP Special Education Subcommittee to identify common issues and share best practices at monthly meetings
  • Give any relevant feedback to CDSP Special Education Chairperson during the Board of Education budget process.
    • Work with SESS facilitators/administration to address building-level issues as appropriate and build community.
  • Attend SEPAC and Board of Education meetings as appropriate.



  • Help Holmes families dealing with a serious illness, accident, or death to an immediate family member, ie, parent or child, by soliciting other Holmes families for meals, playdates, etc.
  • Arrange for small fundraising activities throughout the year for these families.
  • Confidentiality is necessary.

Time Commitment: Varies depending on the needs of our school community

Good for those interested in helping out the Holmes community in a personal way

Number of volunteers needed: 1



  • Provide encouragement and show appreciation to the staff of Holmes School on behalf of the PTO;
  • Organize a welcome back teacher’s luncheon and purchase welcome back gifts in the summer to be given at that luncheon prior to the first day of school;
  • Provide the flowers for the teachers and staff for the Open House in September & at the December Holidays;
  • Provide token acknowledgement gifts on staff birthdays, births and family losses &;
  • Provide token gifts (such as flowers) during any of Holmes School shares;
  • Organize buffet lunches for the staff one day of each of the conference weeks (a total of 2 lunches);
  • Restock staff room with paper goods, snacks, coffee, etc. two times per year—at the beginning of the school year and for teacher appreciation day in the spring;
  • Prepare banners to recognize Custodians, Nurse, and Secretary;
  • Obtain appropriate gifts for Secretary’s Day, Nurse Appreciation Day and Janitor Appreciation Day and buy popsicles for year-end Field Days.

Time Commitment: Moderate

Good for those who are creative and interested in party planning

Number of volunteers needed: 3-4



  • Coordinate the yearly UNICEF box collection drive that takes place at Halloween.
  • Order UNICEF materials, including trick-or-treat boxes, money collection and accounting.

Time Commitment: Minimal

Good for those with limited time who would like to be involved in a public service event

Number of volunteers needed: 2



  • Maintain the Holmes School PTO website.
  • Upload information and flyers from Committees to the site.
  • May have to work with the district’s webmaster.

Time Commitment: Minimal to moderate

Good for those who are technically savvy (Dreamwaver software provided by PTO)

Number of volunteers needed: 1



  • Welcome new families to Holmes by organizing a fall “new to Holmes” parent coffee. (New families include all families new to Holmes, including kindergarten families)
  • Distribute information regarding Holmes and the Darien community to these families.
  • Responsible for distributing the emergency dismissal forms received from new families to the PTO Vice Chairs.

Time commitment: Moderate in the fall, minimal at other times.

Good for those interested in party planning and welcoming new families

Number of volunteers needed: 2-3



  • Prepare the school’s annual year-end publication.
  • Oversee Class Photographer Liaison.
  • Coordinate production of yearbook with outside vendor and organize sales of the yearbook, including distributing order forms and collecting those forms with payments. Coordinate receipts with TPTO Treasurer.
  • Distribute yearbook upon delivery.
  • Designate a class photographer coordinator who works with all the class photographers to create a yearbook page for their class.

Time Commitment: Intensive to moderate, depending on the time of year

Ongoing for committee members but can be completed on own time. Good for those who enjoy taking pictures at school events.

Number of volunteers needed: 2