When Students Worry: Strategies for Helping with Anxiety in the Classroom and at Home

Darien Public Schools, SEPAC and DHSPA are pleased to sponsor this important presentation by the nationally recognized Child Mind Institute,on Friday, January 13th, BOE Meeting Room, 11 am-12:30 pm.  Anxiety is a natural human emotion caused by doubt and uncertainty. However, many adults are at a loss when they try to help a child in distress. With best of intentions, adults can sometimes reinforce fears and avoidance, or enable instead of appropriately accommodate.  In this workshop, Dr. Rachel Busman, a psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, will discuss how to recognize anxiety in children and highlight specific anxiety disorders and their unique presentations at home and in the classroom. She will identify practical solutions to help children face fears and worries, rather than avoid. Using current event topics, she will also identify ways to ensure that parents and teachers aren’t inadvertently communicating anxiety to children. Please RSVP: There will be a session for DPS Educators prior to the parent presentation.