Two Vice Chairs of the PTO. Ideally each Vice Chair will serve for a two-year term, with terms being staggered annually to provide continuity.

Attend PTO and Executive Board Meetings and to preside over such meetings in the absence of the Co-Chairs (as well as support the Co-Chairs in any way needed throughout the year).

Responsible for soliciting Room Parents for each class and organizing a room parent coffee during the first weeks of school to go over policy and procedures.

Serve as the point person for Room Parent communications regarding any school needs such as special meetings or special events that need to be communicated to each family.

In charge of end-of-year PTO gifts, as well as end-of-year gifts to the staff including specials teachers (music, strings, band, art, etc.).

Responsible for attending selected meetings of the Board of Education, as requested by the Co-Chairs, its committees and public hearings so that Holmes has consistent representation.

Time Commitment

At the beginning of school year the Vice-Chairs select and organize the room parents. Other obligations are fulfilled throughout the year but are much less time intensive.