Plan, organize and execute the production of the annual Holmes School Talent Show.

Responsible for coordinating entry forms, holding auditions, working with Board of Education Facilities Dept. to secure the Darien High School auditorium, and planning all aspects of the show including creating the line-up, running the dress rehearsal, coordinating music, finale routine, concession stand, red carpet experience, programs and t-shirts for participants.

Work with the PTO to promote the event via the school bulletin, emails, in-school posters, bulletin boards and announcements.

Manage budget carefully in order to make this event breakeven after all expenses. (this event is not a fundraiser, but committee is encouraged to consider ways to make it profitable)

Time Commitment

January-February/Early March. Moderate when planning for the event, intensive the weekend of the H-Factor. Good for someone enthusiastic, creative, organized, and have strong communication skills.

Number of volunteers: Run by 3 chairpersons (one third grade parent, one fourth grade parent and one fifth grade parent). Each year when the fifth-grade parent rolls off, a new third grade parent will roll on. Additional committee members may be added to help with various tasks.