Valentines Kimochis Grams

Send Happy Valentines wishes to teachers and staff at Holmes School to help raise money for Kimochis Military Kits. Send all of your Valentine’s messages to school before Feb 10th.  Kids Care students will sort each message and deliver them to each staff member on Feb 11th and 12th.

“Kids Care Club has also started to fundraise for a very special cause, Kimochis. Kimochis are a really cool Social Emotional Tool that we use around the district. Kimochis for those that don’t know means “feelings” in Japanese. There is a Kimochi Family Kit but many military families can’t afford it. There is a growing list of families that have applied for the kit to be donated to them. 

Each kit has Hero (the new character, a black lab) two bags of emotions (one for the family and one for the parent in service) a nesting heart, a book about Hero and a curriculum of help for digesting emotions. It is all wrapped up in a cute backpack. We would like to raise enough money for 10 kits. The retail price of a kit is $150. Our Valentine Gram is one of the ways we are starting to raise money.  As Holmes school kids we know how important it is to be able to share our feelings in a healthy way. Please help us raise money to send these kits to military families which will help kids work through their emotional needs. Attached is the Valentine Kimochis Grams for teachers and staff which ends next Wednesday, February 10th.  Kids Care Club will be distributing them to teachers on Thursday and Friday February 11th and 12th. We appreciate your support!”