Superintendent’s Proposed 2021- 2022 Budget

If you are a parent who is interested in the development of the district–how your student is being supported, engaged, and prepared for what the future holds–the 2021-22 budget process is for you. The process was kicked off in depth on January 9th when Dr. Addley rolled out his budget to the Board of Education. Initiatives of interest this year include potential investment in technology and support, increased STEM, changes in administration structure at the elementary level, and social emotional learning.

Recognizing that everyone learns in different ways–including parents–here are some resources. The budget can be found here. For the financial wiz, you will find 200+ pages of exciting detail. For those with high reading comprehension, there is an overview on page 5 and narrative throughout. For visual and auditory learners, you can watch the January 9th budget discussion on YouTube at: here and here.

No matter how you access the information, one thing remains the same, we need your feedback! Please reach out with concerns or questions to your PTO Chairs, Cristi Mohr and Yesim Sukhrani.

For the most up-to-date discussion, tune in to Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting from the comfort of your couch. Here is a link to the agenda which provides details for how parents can watch and participate.