Mentors Needed To Help DHS 9th Graders

As part of a year-long project, 9th graders in the Achievers program seek the help of a mentor for project guidance. It is a meaningful and impactful way to inspire these students without a huge time commitment.
The role of the mentor is to provide professional guidance in the subject area of the student’s project. Students will reach out to schedule meetings with their mentors about once every six weeks, with a goal of meeting for 30-45 minutes each time. Meetings will take place virtually and will be student-driven, meaning the student will come to the mentor with a direction and purpose for each meeting. The mentor does not need to prepare anything in advance, nor will he/she be asked to devote time outside of these meetings to the student’s project.

This year, mentorship is being sought in these specific areas:
Nonfiction writing (particularly in biographies, but any nonfiction writer would be wonderful!)
Coding : Java focusCoding: C++ focusSewing (specifically clothing)
Anyone with a background involving gender identity/gender norms

If you would be interested in becoming a mentor, or know someone with expertise in these areas who may be interested, please email We are looking to connect students with mentors ASAP since their projects are already underway this year. The Achievers program is the culmination of the district’s Idea program. Thank you!