Have a question about Special Education?

This year’s Special Education Representative for the PTO is Alex Hall. The SE reps work with building staff to bring you community events. Please reach out to say hello or ask questions!

Here is a reminder of the chain of communication within Special Education at Holmes:
– Service Provider (varies by individual, if you don’t know, email your SESS facilitator)
– Case Manager (varies by individual, if you don’t know, email your SESS)
– SESS Facilitator, Joanne Vorndran ( or ext. 4485)
– Principal, Paula Bleakley ( or ext. 4400)
– (SE Secretary, Barb Magee ( or ext. 4436))
– Director of Elementary Special Education, Kristin O’Reilly (
– Assistant Superintendent of SE, Shirley Klein (

If you are having concerns or aren’t getting a response within about 48 hours, please contact the next person in the chain. They want to hear from you and offer assistance!