Hands On Learning in Our Little Buds Garden

Little Buds is getting ready to welcome kids back into the garden after the long winter! We have some unique, hands on learning activities for each grade that will tie in with what they are learning about from their science teachers. Here’s what’s coming up over the next few weeks:
Kindergarteners will be planting the very tomato seeds that they harvested, crushed and dried this past fall. They will carefully tend these plants as they prepare to give them as farewell gifts to our outgoing 5th graders. They will also be planting seeds of all sorts directly into the Little Bud garden, help turn the soil, pull weeds and learn the basics of tending a garden.
First graders are studying life cycles, so they will be fostering the Connecticut state insect – the Praying Mantis. They will also be planting some seeds in the garden, and making seed bombs for a little Gorilla Gardening!
Third graders are going to get down and dirty with composting. They are currently making their own “Black Gold” in the tumbler, and will soon be the proud parents of 2000 worms as they learn all about the magic of worm poop! This is sure to provide some good discussions at the dinner table.
Tying in with 4th grade science and the study of ecosystems, each 4th grade class is going to make their own self-sustaining pond! They are then taking a trip to a pond close to Holmes to learn how a pond naturally maintains itself.
In conjunction with their study of the early colonists, the 5th grade will be looking at the medicinal use of plants at the Jamestown Settlement. Students will grow these “multitaskers” and put history to the test.