Fall “4” Math starts Monday

Fall “4″ Math starts Monday! This program, co-sponsored by DAEG and the Darien elementary schools, encourages students to play math games at home with parents, siblings and friends daily for two weeks: October 15-26. These games will focus on developing logical thinking, spatial reasoning, critical problem solving, and even math fact skills! Here’s how:

  • Set aside two dice, a deck of cards and some coins in a ‘Math Box’.
  • Go to for grade-appropriate links and games developed by the district.
  • Have your child record time and games played each day in the Play Log (check that backpack or download in excel) starting this Monday, 10/15.
  • Return the Play Log to school on Monday, 10/22 and Monday, 10/29.

At the end of the two-week play period, the class in each grade at your school with the highest total percentage of participation will win a prize! Ready, Set, MATH!

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